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berputus asa ibarat gagal sebelum gagal...percayalah walaupun masa sudah semakin singkat, namun masih belum terlambat untuk memulakan langkah....^_^

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


if we were giving the chance to choose, of course we'll choose the good, the best qualities right? no one want the bad, the throw away. everything needs a firm decision then. in life, we need to choose one between 2 different situations that can be a heartbreaking for the left one. either pick will lead to a heartbroken.

semua orang nak bahagia dalam hidup. aku nak bahagia. even orang gila pun pasti nakkan kebahagian. ke takde orang yang nak bahagia?  ade yang nak derita ke? tapi itu la hidup selalu sahaja derita yang mendampingi, sungguh sukar mengapai bahagia kan? 

i hate to choose, hate to be chosen. it's hard to make a decision but still a decision need to be made. i did chose the wrong path before. afraid that it will be the same again. i did tried my best but Allah knows better right? just follow the lead and have faith with him~ :)

i'm dilemma actually. there's something that not yet completed. the obligation that we need to fulfill. aku teringat apa yang abang aku cakap kalu dah jadi macam ni, tak boleh buat macam tu kat orang. tak baik. should settle the things in one day. cant' hold it longer. took the money but the service is lacking everywhere. it's hard for people to believe you once again right?. believe me because i'm the one who communicate with them. me too, them too. sungguh hebat ujian Allah untuk kami for the past 3 months. but still the problems is not solve yet. there's nothing i can do. tersepit~ sungguh.  nevermind we just need to wait for the bright future. Allah knows the best.

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